The Product

Havel-Haus - solid wood

Havel-Haus manufactures solid wood log houses of above-average quality. We use only the closest-grained wood, imported from Scandinavia, mostly from Finland.

Physically suitable

The solid wood elements combine several beneficial characteristics: for example, they have excellent thermal insulation and 'breathe' continuously, thus avoiding condensation - a log house lives!
This method of construction has proven its stability over generations and has even performed superbly in earthquake-prone areas.

Healthy Living

A solid wood house offers you, among other things

Low-cost Construction

Log houses combine the advantages of personalised architecture and design with prices within reach of a family budget. Even more money can be saved by opting to carry out individual works or assembly yourself, under supervision of an expert builder.

Save energy thanks to the structure of our log houses. You'll be pleasantly surprised how little power is needed to heat them.

Construction Period

Your log house will be up in a few days.

Each time, our customers are amazed at how quick we are. Its prefabricated construction enables us to have the building ready for occupation in a very short time.

Environmental Aspects

Our log cabins possess the advantages of a natural material that has shown its worth for centuries, while satisfying today's requirements for healthy and environmentally-responsible building. The wood used is from managed forests, which helps to lower the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Havel-Haus avoids using chemical, synthetic or hazardous construction and insulation materials

Wood Preservation

We achieve optimal preservation of wood by eliminating condensation and by avoiding the direct effects of the weather.

For this reason, we put great emphasis on preventive measures. We use only selected, healthy timber.

An additional heat treatment enables us to dispense with the use of »chemical wood preservatives«.

Flexible Architecture

The customer's wishes are paramount and are taken into account at the planning stage. Our experienced experts will help you to find the right solution for your needs.

We can offer you this service at no extra charge, thanks to the way our log houses are constructed!

Compare the Quality

Feel free to compare the workmanship, quality and construction of our log houses with those of our competitors.

If you choose a Havel-Haus home, you get a top-quality product from Brandenburg!

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